Firebull® F3 Fluorine Free Foam 3%

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FIREBULL F3 Fluorine Free Foam is a seamless transition from AFFF products for fire departments and offers the simplicity of using one product to extinguish multiple classifications of fire. F. *Firebull® F3 Fluorine Free Foam A/B, 5 Gallon Pail.
FIREBULL F3 Fluorine Free Foam is a seamless transition from AFFF products for fire departments. FIREBULL F3 holds third-party verification of concentrate free from PFOS and other PFAS available on request. FIREBULL products use NO intentionally added PFAS to meet state and local requirements. FIREBULL Fluorine Free is UL Listed under UL 162 Standard for Synthetic Foam Liquid Concentrate at 3%. FIREBULL Fluorine Free 3% UL is slightly thicker and approved for Hale Foam Proportioning Systems 3.3, 5.0, 6.5 as well as Pierce Huskey 3, Pierce Huskey 12, and Foam Pro 3012



  • Compatible with all regular and all standard equipment
  • Excellent burnback protection Rapid cooling properties
  • Rapid cooling properties
  • Vapor barrier properties for Oil and Gas
  • Applicable for Training at 1%, 3%, and 6% for low, medium, and high expansion
  • Effective with Fresh Water, Brakish Water, and Sea Water
  • Shelf Life: 20-year Shelf Life when stored in original, sealed containers at recommended temperature.
  • Available in 5 gal pails, 55-gallon drums, and totes.



  • US/European Class A Fires Wood, Grass, Coal, Tires, Hay, Cotton, Cardboard, Initial Knockdown: 0.25%
  • Wetting Agent: 0.25%-1.0%. Reapply as needed
  • Cars, Trucks, Heavy Equipment: 0.50% up to 1.0%
  • US Class B, European Class B/C Fires Non-Polar Solvents: Gasoline, Gasoline w/10% Ethanol, Jet-A, JP4/5/8, Crude Oil, Diesel, Etc. 3% using 0.16gpm/ft² for 10-20 minutes. Reapply as needed.



  • UL 162 Foam Liquid Concentrate EX28303 3%
  • UL 3% Viscosity 4/30 rpm 5560cps
  • UL 3% Viscosity 4/60 rpm 3270cps
  • ICAO Level B 6%

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