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Dedicated to providing the most advanced equipment, service, & training to enhance rescue and life-saving efforts, ESI Rescue Divisions is repeatedly the #1 Holmatro Rescue Tool Dealer, providing the most advanced equipment and life-save efforts to New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
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When you invest in ESI, we invest in you.


ESI is dedicated to providing our customers with the best products to perform the rescue tasks confronted by today’s rescuers. The staff at ESI is prepared to demonstrate equipment at your departments for a real “hands-on” experience.

1 Year Service Contract

A 1-year free Preventative Maintenance Contract is also included with every Rescue Tool Purchase to ensure your tools are always performing when it counts. Our Service Department, armed with Full time factory trained service technicians, offer a unique variety of Service Contracts that include onsite preventative maintenance on your tools.

Dedicated Representative

We pride ourselves in providing the most current vehicle rescue training information and techniques through our training courses, staffed with instructors that all have at minimum 10+ years of street and training experience. To ensure your tools are always performing at maximum capability, we offer free, on-site delivery-training with every Rescue Tool Purchase..

24-Hour Emergency Support

Also included with every rescue tool purchased from ESI Equipment, in addition to the 1 year free Preventative Maintenance Contract is Emergency repair response that can be done at customer’s locations. Straight from the heart of our company, 24-hour emergency support and loaner equipment are always available to our customers.

Pentheon Battery Technology

Only the new Holmatro Pentheon Series offers you unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed, and ultimate control you have never experienced before.

CORE Hose Technology

More than just a new tool, hose or pump, Holmatro's patented CORE Technology is a new hydraulic system that fundamentally changes the extrication process.

Stack Bags 12 Bar

Holmatro NEW 12 BAR Stack Bags Series include 4 models and are designed for stable lifting over greater height as the contact surface stays flat for easy stacking.

Lifting Bags 12 Bar

Full Range of Holmatro 12 Bar Lifting Bags are available with a 50% increase in power and a completely redesigned control unit, you can get the same job done using smaller and lighter models.


When operating a hydraulic rescue tool connected to one of these pumps, the engine speed automatically increases to maximum to ensure optimal equipment performance.

EVO Battery Technology

A convenient way to make any CORE tool battery operated and portable! EVO3 pumps are now available in a portable backpack pump or shoulder bag . A 6’ CORE connector hose makes it a one person operation with any spreader, cutter, or combination tool.


Whether it's breaching doors, cutting locks or lifting heavy materials; with the T1, you always have the right tool for the job.

Cutter Blades

Incline Cutting PNG

The 30 Degree Evolution: Incline Cutters

With its unique and purpose-built 30-degree angled jaw, Holmatro Inclined Cutters improves user comfort and maximizes working space. Inclined Cutting keeps the ideal 90° angle towards the construction required for effective cutting and optimal performance, offering 30 degrees more working space between the tool and the car leaving more room for tool movement and eliminating the need for repeated cutter repositioning.

NCT Blades

Holmatro’s New Car Technology (NCT) Cutters generate high forces and have excellent EN and NFPA performance scores. The U-shaped NCT blades pull even the strongest new car materials into the cutting recess where they are cut at the highest possible force. NCT cutters are continuously tested on the latest and strongest vehicle models so not only do they perform well on today’s toughest cars, but they also have a capacity reserve for the future, when even stronger cars will be driving on our roads.


Delivery and hands-on, in-depth training by our highly skilled sales team AND a free 1-year Preventive Maintenance Service Contract ensure your tools are always ready when it counts

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