ESI offers a variety of training programs for all skill sets. All instructors are state certified, cross-trained in EMS and firefighting with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. Equip your members with the resource training they need to get the job done. After course completion, each student earns a Certificate of Participation. 

ESI has taken on the challenge of developing the latest techniques in auto extrication using state-of-the-art equipment to handle the tasks at hand. Whether it is basic or advanced training, ESI has courses to disseminate the knowledge and teach the skills. ESI courses are not static, but ever changing and innovative.

ESI Instructors

Each of our instructors have at least 10 years street experience; some also have sustained local, state, and national instructor credentials. Every year ESI's training staff provides emergency responders with over 80 courses. Over 2,000 responders have benefitted and improved their knowledge and skills with their knowledge and skills with the latest in auto extrication and other related subjects.

General Courses

Each course is designed to provide the student with current information, skills and objectives that meet state and national criteria. Courses are held at our customer’s location for their convenience and maintaining readiness in their locale.

Custom Courses

ESI not only has a standard course list, but we can create custom courses to cover a particular piece of equipment or a specific skill. Our experienced training staff uses experience and intimate knowledge of equipment and techniques to make the learning experience worthwhile.

Open Enrollment

ESI’s open-enrollment training courses are perfect for departments only needing 1 or 2 members to be trained without having to pay for the entire department! Courses are first-come first-serve with 40 seats available per class. Courses are held at ESI’s Training Center in Montgomeryville, PA.

ESI Training Courses

Without knowledge and information, today’s ever-changing technical world would leave one far behind. The same is true in the world of vehicle extrication. Changes in design, materials and safety components in vehicles provide a constant challenge for today’s rescuers. 

ESI Training Program: Basic Vehicle Extrication
Basic Vehicle Extrication

This is a basic course designed and tailored
to your company’s equipment and training

needs and ensuring your department stay

current with new vehicle technology.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Basic Hydraulic Recue Tool Course
Basic Hydraulic Recue Tool Course

This basic course is designed to give students a working knowledge of the Holmatro Rescue System.  Highlights include the development of rescue tools, hydraulic concepts, and show and tell of the tools in your system and how to properly maintain your system. 

ESI Equipment Basic Hydraulic Recue Tool Course

Basic Holmatro Hydraulic Rescue Tool Review Course

To review with currently certified Holmatro Rescue Tool user’s system and tool use in a classroom and practical setting. This course is intended to reinforce and review operational procedures and various techniques related to the Holmatro Rescue Tool systems.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Holmatro Cutter Refresher Course

Holmatro Cutter Refresher Course

This program will arm your members with the knowledge of not just what to cut, but WHERE, HOW, and WHY. Students will obtain a working knowledge of Holmatro’s round, NCT, incline and straight blade Cutters.

ESI Training Program: Basic Vehicle Extrication

Basic Vehicle Extrication Course

This course addresses the responsibilities of firefighters in response to a vehicle accident and how to safely manage a scene and provide the safe removal of victims of a vehicle accident.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Advanced Vehicle Extrication

Advanced Vehicle Extrication Course - Part I

This advanced course is designed to give the student scenario-based training with more difficult extrication challenges. Each learning station involves extrication skills and techniques that are based on vehicles placed in various positions and the actual entrapment of a simulated patient.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Advanced Vehicle Extrication II

Advanced Vehicle Extrication Course - Part II

The practical session follows where teams are placed in scenarios utilizing dispatch and radio communications and face multiple vehicle/multiple patient crash incidents.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Bus Crash Extrication Operations

Bus Crash Extrication Operations

This program is designed to familiarize the participant with the complexities of rescue operations involving extrications from buses. The course will review the various types of buses, their construction features, and differences.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Large Truck Crash Extrication Operations

Large Truck Crash Extrication Operations

The program provides an overview of the anatomy and construction of large trucks, hazards that can be encountered in accident situations and potential solutions that can lead to the successful extrication of the victims.

ESI Equipment, Training Program: Rescue Scene Management

Rescue Scene Managment

This program provides specific scenarios to educate your members on how to maximize personnel, equipment, and responder’s performance.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Pneumatic Lifting Bags Course

Pneumatic Lifting Bags Course

The objective of this program is to increase the user’s knowledge of the proper operation use and care of Lifting Bag Systems. Proper set up and utilization of your lifting bags is essential for maximum performance. This course is customized based on your department’s current lifting bag inventory.

ESI Equipment Training Rescue Winch Awareness & Operations

Rescue Winch Awareness & Operations

This interactive training program was designed in conjunction with Warn Industries based on rescuer’s needs and provides the proper procedures and techniques for using vehicle mounted or portable winches. This course will cover the use, maintenance, and safety aspects of a winch and related equipment in rescue situations.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Steel Wire Rope Barrier System Course

Steel Wire Rope Barrier System Course

Steel Wire Rope Barrier Systems have made a resurgence recently for use on highways in the United States. Their primary purpose is to prevent a vehicle that has left the roadway from striking objects, terrain, or other motor vehicles.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Electric Vehicle Fire Awareness Course

Electric Vehicle Fire Awareness Course

This interactive program will provide the participants with valuable information on electric vehicles. The program will provide the progression of hybrid to current electric vehicle models.

ESI Equipment Training Program: Vehicle Fire Operations Course

Vehicle Fire Operations Course

This interactive program is designed to provide firefighting personnel with the knowledge and skills that can be utilized for safe efficient and effective management of vehicle fire situations.

ESI Training Programs

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ESI Training Programs