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Tool Service

Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts

Ensure your equipment is always situated for optimal efficiency and operations through ESI's well-know and proven Preventative Maintenance Service Contract

Rescue tools more than many other types of equipment must be reliable and perform well under all circumstances. To ensure the reliability and safe operation of your products during their whole lifespan, a schedule of periodic tool maintenance is necessary.

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Service Program

ESI Equipment’s Comprehensive Holmatro Preventative Maintenance Service Program is designed to incorporate all necessary routine maintenance all equipment requires in a complete program for the customer. On a charge per unit, this annual comprehensive program offers a complete and thorough service to your HOLMATRO system ensuring that it meets manufacturer’s specifications for performance, pressures, and forces. The Comprehensive Service Program includes Inspection, Functional Testing, Repair, Loaner equipment, Service Maintenance, Emergency Service and Record Keeping. 

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  • An ESI Service Contract ensures that all of Holmatro’s offered Warranties are covered
  • Arms your members with confidence knowing your tools are properly maintained and mission-ready
  • ESI Technicians are factory trained, know the latest technological developments, and have direct contact with Holmatro factory staff
  • A team of Service Technicians with a fleet of service vehicles to assist with any of your needs.
  • ESI Service Technicians have their own spare parts in stock (and quick access to the large inventory at Holmatro) which minimizes downtime of your tools
  • Emergency Tool Services are included in various available service agreements with a guaranteed response time of 36 hours
  • If unable to repair on-site a loaner tool (when available) will be provided to keep you in service.
  • Makes your investment last longer by saving costs over time -you will not be charged for travel time, mileage, or labor while under contract. 

Peace of Mind

By servicing and inspecting the system routinely, the chances of a system or tool failure are greatly reduced giving you peace of mind knowing that the users and the community being served are provided with properly maintained equipment to the best possible level. Using high-quality ethanol-free fuel and industry-leading technology, ESI’s full-time factory-trained & certified Technicians can handle routine maintenance for you and keep costly and unnecessary issues to a minimum. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Holmatro Rescue tools should be serviced yearly, to ensure optimal performance and guarantee that you are getting a return on your investment. 

By having an ESI Annual Preventative Maintenace Service Contract, services by factory trained and certified technicians, you guarantee your tool will be covered under Holmatro’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

  • With ESI’s Service Contracts, labor and mileage are both. Also, once a year your Holmatro recue tools will be serviced and be inspected by a certified Holmatro service technician.

You can call ESI any time and leave a message. We are available 24/7/365 leave a message and we will call you back. 

Parts that are covered under Holmatro limited lifetime warranty include: cylinder, pistons, and plunger blocks, blades, couplers, and battery covers are considered ware in tear items. Any questions, please give us call.

Included with your ESI Preventative Maintenance Service Contract, ESI will get a loaner rescue tool to you within 24-36 hours.

An Ethanol free fuel . VP Raceing SEF 94 fuel is ethanol free and available from ESI in varioius sizes. Our Service Technitions utilized SEF 94 Fuel when service your hydralic equipment.