Firebull®Fluorine Free Climate Control Premix

FIREBULL F3 Climate Control Premix is a fluorine free, cold climate product for fire departments.


Environmentally formulated FIREBULL Fluorine Free Climate Control Premix is the newest generation in low-temperature fluorine-free foam or F3. FIREBULL Fluorine Free Climate Control Premix is NOT a concentrate, requires no dilution, and is formulated to prevent additional environmental hazards when applied to the fire. A unique proprietary additive (not antifreeze) has been added to FIREBULL to withstand extremely low temperatures to -40°C. FIREBULL F3 products contain NO hazardous materials in the formulation. The specially formulated concentrate has a dramatically reduced viscosity compared to other low-temperature concentrates. The viscosity enables FIREBULL Climate Control Premix to be used in all types of foam systems and standard foam equipment with no adverse effects. FIREBULL F3 holds third-party verification of concentrate free from PFOS and other PFAS available on request. Available in 5 gal, 55 gal, and totes.



  • Compatible with all regular and all standard equipment
  • Excellent burn-back protection
  • Rapid cooling properties
  • Vapor barrier properties for Oil and Gas
  • 25-Year Shelf Life and Performance Guarantee when stored in original, sealed containers at recommended temperatures
  • Available in 5 gal, 55 gal, and totes.



  • Hydrocarbons, Non-Polar Solvents
    0.10 pgm for 10-20 minutes

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