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EVO3: The Future Is Cordless

Holmatro Battery Operated Rescue Tools

Holmatro Engineers have taken the Holmatro EVO 3 battery-powered rescue tools to the next level, with the extrication industry’s first 6 amp hour battery, and improved power management system. The 6 amp hour battery contains a new type of lithium-ion cells with a higher power density, enabling us to use the same package size with more power, enabling extended cutting times and requiring fewer charges.


Holmatro EVO3 cordless tools deliver the exact same performance as our CORE Technology hose tools. Their high hydraulic forces, excellent EN and NFPA scores, and unmatched performance on modern cars are identical. CORE or cordless: the choice is yours

EVO Battery Technology

CORE Portable Pump and Go Bag

CORE Portable Pump and Go Bag

Make any CORE Tool portable with our Small, lightweight battery-driven Pump-n-Go Bag, a shoulder bag pump with a CORE Connector. An alternative option to Holmatro’s Portable Backpack Pump.
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Holmatro Door Ram GDR200 EVO3

Holmatro Door Ram GDR200 EVO3 (exel. battery)

Double-acting cordless door ram powered by EVO3 battery technology for breaching inward opening doors with multiple locks. Also suitable for outward opening doors, when used in combination with a manual breaching tool. Available both as a CORE Technology model and an EVO 3 Battery Technology version.

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