CORE Portable Pump and Go Bag

Make any CORE Tool portable with our Small, lightweight battery-driven Pump-n-Go Bag, a shoulder bag pump with a CORE Connector. An alternative option to Holmatro’s Portable Backpack Pump.

Make any CORE Tool portable with two optional Portable Pumps: Holmatro’s Portable Backpack Pump or ESI Equipment’s Portable Pump & Go Shoulder Bag. The Portable Pump & Go Bag is a small, lightweight battery-driven shoulder bag pump with a CORE Connector. The pump has an oil reserve large enough to be used in combination with all Holmatro CORE rescue tools except the 15t and 22t telescopic rams. The pump uses Holmatro’s well-known and proven battery-powered EVO3 technology.

When the Holmatro Portable Battery Backpack pump doesn’t quite fit your needs for deployment of your CORE technology tools, you can use ESI Equipment’s Pump & Go Shoulder Bag instead. The CORE Battery Pump & Go Bag is an ESI Equipment product designed as an alternative option to Holmatro’s Portable Back Pump in response to our customers’ concern with getting the backpack over their gear or simply preferring not to wear a backpack.

There are built-in restraints to keep batteries secured and centered when carrying with room for up to 4 total batteries for extended run time. Features of this bag include carrying handles, a shoulder strap, and waterproof Tuff Bottom. The pump is secured and centered in the bag with a strap and partitions. There is additional usable space to hold up to three extra batteries, extending your tools’ run time. EXCEEDING TECHNOLOGY IN DESIGN AND PURPOSE.


Basic specifications
model ESI-BPnG-3
Connector Type CORE
Type Battery
Dimensions, weight, and temperature
weight, with battery & Pump 17.5 lbs. (2.2lbs per additional battery)
dimensions (AxBxC) 8 x 22 x 9 in


  • Waterproof bottom to approx. 1.5 inches
  • Carrying handles that pass under the bag, above the waterproof bottom, and snap together.
  • Shoulder Strap with a pad that passes under the bag and above the waterproof bottom
  • Small grommeted hole in the front for the power pendant
  • Large grommeted hole in the end for the Core hose to pump connection
  • Partitions and Velcro strap to assist with keeping the pump centered in the bag.
Features & Benefits:
  • Compact and easily carried by one person
  • Emission-free
  • Portable Pumps are available as a backpack and a shoulder bag
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces, underground spaces, and/or RIT Operations
  • additional usable space to hold up to three extra batteries, extending your tools’ run time.
  • Uses Holmatro’s well-known and proven EVO3 battery technology
  • can be used with all CORE tools except 15t and 22t telescopic rams
  • Thanks to the IP 54 rating, it is safe to use in harsh environments
  • Included with your purchase at no cost:
    • 2hr delivery training
    • Limited Life-Time Warranty
    • One-year ESI Preventative Maintenance Service Contract


Additional Information: