Hi-Rise Bag Exterior Protective Cover

Ensure any exterior-mounted high-rise bag, and its contents, are protected from various elements with the High Rise Bag Exterior Protective Cover – part of Junkyard Dog Industries’ proven line of responder gear bags.


Part of Junkyard Dog Industries’ line of responder gear bags, the Hi-Rise Bag Exterior Protective Covers are designed to cover Hi-Rise bags that may be stored on the exterior of the apparatus that is constantly exposed to the environmental elements. On the cover are two mission-built handholds double as strap hold-down points for proper mounting on the apparatus. High-rise buildings will present numerous challenges. By ensuring any exterior-mounted high-rise bag and its contents are protected from various elements, you can effectively and efficiently apply water to the fire in a safe and timely manner with confidence in your equipment.

Junkyard Dog High Rise Bag Exterior Covers come in two sizes:

  • Small, (JYD-HRBC-S)
  • Large, (JYD-HRBC-L)



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