ElitePlus+ Crash Bag Kit (M18V Brushless)


The Elite Plus+ Crash Bag Kit includes over 20 industrial-quality tools in one bag, including the Glass Knife, a laminated glass cutter, and an entire Milwaukee M12V Drill Kit to power it. Junkyard Dog Industries Crash Bag Kits are designed to start initial stabilization & quick entry for patient assessment.


Laminated Glass in newer vehicle models makes JYD’s Elite Crash Bag Essential for First-Responders. As the first-in tool for Responders, the Elite Crash Bag Kit contains over 20 industrial-quality tools all in one bag and is designed to start initial stabilization and quick entry for patient assessment in any model vehicle. With the addition of laminated glass in newer vehicle models, the Elite Plus Crash Bag Kit includes everything in the standard kit PLUS JYD’s laminated glass cutter, the Glass Knife, and an entire Milwaukee® M18V  Drill Kit to power it. The Elite Plus+ Crash Bag Kit is a quick-entry tool designed to give responders confidence as laminated glass continues to become increasingly popular in vehicles.



The Bag itself is made of heavy-duty waterproof vinyl with full-wrapped webbing handles, a three-sided dual zipper that allows for quick and easy access, and is a bright orange with a large reflective band to easily identify the bag. Inside contains a removable magnetic tool board with pockets for individual tools with the ability to magnetically attach to a vehicle, so accessing your hand tools is incredibly efficient.  A built-in semi-removable divider holds additional large tools and secures the Kovenex Rescue blanket in its place. JYD Industries Elite Crash Bag Kit, fully equipped, is 19” wide x 25” high x 6” thick, weighing 28 pounds.


  • Milwaukee 6 in 1 Professional Multi-Bit Screwdriver
  • Milwaukee Cable Cutters
  • Milwaukee 10” Adjustable Wrench
  • Milwaukee 9.5″ Tongue and Groove Pliers
  • Ajax Strip and Peak Pry Tool
  • Milwaukee Pry Bar
  • Rescue Shears
  • Spring-Ring Window Punch
  • Junkyard Dog Industries Seatbelt Cutter
  • • Lennox® 12″ Hack Saw
  • 4 Spare 12” Hack Saw Blades
  • 4 Tire Valve Deflators/Inflators
  • GlasMaster Windshield Saw & Center Punch
  • Kovenex® Rapid Response Fire Blanket
  • Glass Knife Head (laminated glass cutter powered by any drill)
  • A Milwaukee M18 Drill Kit
    • 2 Lithium-Ion Battery
    • AC Charger
  • Junkyard Dog Industries water-proof vinyl Carry Bag



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