Holmatro Gas/Petrol Pump SR 20 PC 1

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CORE Technology is a revolutionary turning point in rescue tool technology. More than just a new tool, hose or pump it is a new hydraulic system that fundamentally changes the extrication process. When lives are at stake, it’s all about speed and safety. Compared to working with a traditional system, working with CORE is safer, quicker & easier. Once you try CORE Technology and discover its unprecedented benefits, you will not want to go back to a traditional system. 



  • Hydraulic oil level indicator



Basic specifications
model SR 20 PC 1
equipped with (connector type) CORE
max. working pressure 720 / 72 (bar/Mpa) 10443 psi
number of stages 3
capacity oil tank (effective) 4000 cc 135.3 oz
General specifications
pump type 2 x 3-stage axial pump
operator type petrol engine
number of tool connections 1
number of tools simultaneously usable 1
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use 23 kg 50.7 lb
dimensions (LxWxH) 455 x 315 x 460 mm 17.9 x 12.4 x 18.1 in
EN 13204 classification STO
NFPA 1936 compliant yes


Features & Benefits: