NEW Mini Cutter CCU10

NEW! The first cordless Mini Cutter by Holmatro: compact, versatile, and immediately ready for action. This cordless tool makes any rescue set complete.

NEW Cordless Mini Cutter
The first of its kind cordless Mini Cutter! Minimal space, maximum performance.
Holmatro introduces the first battery-powered mini cutter in the rescue market. This compact, lightweight tool is easy to use in confined spaces and requires minimal space in your rescue vehicle. Its innovative design gives you maximum freedom of movement and offers optimum cutting performance. The Holmatro cordless mini cutter makes any rescue set complete.

Cordless Design.

Easy to pick up, carry and store: the battery-powered mini cutter is immediately ready for action. No more pumps and hoses are needed, saving time and a lot of weight and space on your truck. Thanks to efficient drive technology, you can make up to 70 cuts with a single battery. The battery and charger are part of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) and compatible with other professional power tools.

Superior Cutting Performance

The versatile mini cutter can be used for cutting vehicle parts like car pedals, steering wheels and head rests. But the powerful tool easily cuts through rebar (USAR), fences, steel bars, and chains as well. Holmatro’s unique inclined cutting concept has also been applied to the new mini cutter: its blades have been placed at an angle, which gives you more freedom in positioning the tool. The grip teeth on both blades offer extra bite when cutting.

Optimum Tool Control

The tool is comfortable to hold and work with and can be positioned with one hand. It has been equipped with variable speed control: lightly push the button for low speed and simply push it further down to increase the speed. When you release the button, the motor stops, saving valuable battery time. The integrated LED light also automatically switches on and off with the tool.

First responders from any rescue team can act swiftly with this cordless CCU10 mini cutter – whether their other tools are powered by a battery or a separate hose and pump.

The Battery charger CBCH2 (AC-US)

  • Battery charger, AC version. Power cord equipped with plug type B.
  • Air-cooled charging technology – Battery cooling for shorter charging times
  • Suitable for charging CAS batteries – Compatible with the batteries of all professional power tools from the Cordless Alliance System (CAS)



Standard Supplied with: 
  • i-Bolt Technology
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Two 18V 2Ah batteries CBPA182


Basic specifications
model CCU10
max. working pressure 10443 psi
battery included yes
max. cutting opening 2.3 in
protection rate IP54
directives 2006/42/EG, 2014/30/EU
theoretical cutting force 49458 lbf
General specifications
cutter jaw inclined
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use 10.8 lb
weight excl. battery 9.9 lb
dimensions (AxBxC) 21.8 x 6.1 x 3.6 in
EN 13204 classification AC59B-4.9
NFPA 1936, cutting capacity A4 B3 C2 D4 E4
NFPA 1936 compliant yes
EN 13204, cutting capacity 1D 2D 3C
EN 13204 compliant yes
Cutting performance
round bar (S235 acc. to EN 13204) 0.9 in

More Features & Benefits: 

Cordless design

  • Immediately ready for use
  • Maximum operational freedom
  • No more pumps and hoses are needed in your rescue set -Saves space and weight on the rescue vehicle
  • No emissions – For safe indoor use and USAR applications

Compact, lightweight, and versatile

  • Suitable for many applications such as cutting car pedals, head restraints, and steering wheels. Also, for cutting rebar (USAR), fences, steel bars, wooden bars, and chains (grade 43)
  • Easy to pick up and carry
  • Easy to use in confined spaces

Smart battery technology

  • State of charge indication on the battery – For easy checking of your battery status
  • Efficient drive technology – Up to 70 cuts with one 2Ah battery
  • Inclined battery position – For easy switching of batteries
  • Part of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) – Battery compatible with other tools that use this platform

Optimal tool control

  • Start-stop mode
  • Push the control button to activate the tool. Release the button, and the tool stops, which saves valuable battery time. Restart the tool by simply pushing the control button.
  • Variable speed control – Lightly push the control button for low speed. Push the button further down, and the speed increases.
  • Control slide – To switch between opening and closing the tool

Unique inclined cutter jaw

  • More freedom in positioning the tool
  • For easy access to car pedals

Grip teeth on both blades

  • For extra bite when cutting
  • To prevent wider materials from being pushed out of the blades

Integrated LED lighting

  • Ensures a well-lit working space
  • Powered by the main battery – LED light automatically switches on and off with the tool

Ergonomic design

  • Easy one-handed positioning
  • Easy operation, also with gloves on
  • For both left- and right-handed operators


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