32′ Nitrile Inflation Hose with SAE Couplers



When safety and reliability are important use only Save hoses and accessories. Sava inflation air hoses are specifically designed for use with lifting bags in the rescue industry. Compared to standard 1/4″ PVC store-bought hoses, Sava air hoses will outlast and perform better in situations where heat, cold, chemically contaminated environments, and areas where fuel or oils are present. Sava thicker walled 3/8″ air hose allows greater air volume and has greater resistance to damage or cutting. Sava air hose uses standard color coding compatible with Sava controllers.

High Temperature, low temperature, hydraulic, air brake, and diesel fuel contact applications.

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Available Colors:

Yellow – Controller Supply, Source Air Color

Blue – Primary Controller Output Color

Red – Secondary Controller Output Color

Green – Triple Controller, 3rd Output Color

Black – MSHA Approved Additional Color


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Inner Tube, Nitrile

Reinforcement, 1 Fiber Braid

Cover, Neoprene (Black): Vinyl Nitrile (Colored Hoses)

Temperature Range, -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +100°C)

Typical Application, General Purpose inflation hose