JYD Industries (Junkyard Dog Industries) is a division of ESI Equipment, Inc.

Make Vehicle Stabilization Faster Easier Safer Autonomous

Forget bulk, combersome cribbing. Junkyard Dog Industries Vehicle Rescue Struts have proven, over and over, that in-vehicle rescue situation when time is critical, less equipment definitely does do more.


For more than 15 years, Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts have proven to be an essential 1st-in stabilization tool for thousands of departments and trusted by a network of Distributors spanning across the country. Uniquely engineered to work autonomously to eliminate the hassle of complicated assembly, Junkyard Dog (JYD) Rescue Struts are purpose-built to arm your department with simple, lightweight, powerful, and proven rescue struts.

Strut Styles

Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts are available in two styles, each available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your department’s needs.



Patened ZipNut Technolgy - NO pins.


Using Patented ZipNut® Technology, JYD Industries’ ZSTRUTs are setting industry standards. The ZSTRUT is engineered to extend by simply pulling up the extension rod to the desired height. Eliminating the need for locking pins allows for quicker deployment and adjustability with the ability to follow lifts. ZStrut Zipnut® technology makes adjustments during lifts simple — the collar rotates on the threaded rod to tighten the fit. To retract just pull the collar up.


Locking Adjustment “T” Pins


The XTEND Rescue struts from JYD Industries are the solution for your stabilization challenges. Self-Contained, lightweight, and easy to use for quick and secure deployment. XTEND Rescue Struts uses heavy-duty, top quality, stainless steel aircraft quality Locking Adjustment “T” Pins for quick and secure deployment.

All Rescue Struts

XTEND Heavy Duty Rescue Strut Set

Heavy Duty XTEND-Style

ZSTRUT Medium Rescue Strut Set

Medium ZSTRUT-Style

XTEND Stabilization Kit

XTEND Vehicle Stabilizing Kit

ZSTRUT Stabilization Kit

ZSTRUT Vehicle Stabilizing Kits

Dog Paw Cribbing Blocks

Dog Paw Cribbing Block

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Features and Benefits

A Completly Self Contain Strut

All Rescue Strut components fit into its specially designed accessory bag that’s attached directly to the strut ensuring that a firefighter has everything they need for deploying the strut without having to return to the fire apparatus.

A Better Way to Stabilize The Modern Vehicle

Because today’s passenger vehicles act more like beach balls than bricks when they roll over, when they land on their side or roof, they have a very narrow footprint making them more unstable. The use of JYD Rescue Struts as tensioned buttresses results in a wider vehicle “footprint” securing vehicle during extrication keeping both patients and rescuers safer.

Deploy with Confidence (Rating)

Firefighters can deploy Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts with confidence knowing that the struts have a safe working load limit up to 5000 lbs. with a 2:1 safety factor (results of testing conducted by independent third-party).

Forget cumbersome, complicated, cribbing.

Finally get rid of your large quantities of wood cribbing. Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts have proven, over and over, that in-vehicle rescue situation when time is critical, less equipment definitely does do more.

When Time is Critical, Less Equipment Does More

These simple, self-contained, lightweight rescue struts work on the "tension buttress" principle for quick and secure deployment that allows even a single firefighter to stabilize a vehicle faster, better, and often far more easily than a team of rescuers with a truck full of cribbing and connectors.

Creates Lateral Stability

Tension buttress stabilizes from the sides rather than straight horizontal. Keeps pathways open for rescuers and EMS to access patients. Provides lateral stability. Provides larger footprint similar to an outrigger.

Easy To Carry

One person can easily carry two struts

Fewer Firefighters Necessary to Deploy Struts

With no complicated assembly and and everything you need self contained, fewer firefighters can more safely, effectively, and efficiently deploy the necessary struts, meaning that your remaining firefighters are available to engage in other critical vehicle extrication tasks (e.g., hazard control, deployment and operation of rescue tools, providing patient care).

Quality Coating

Steel components sandblasted and 2 coats of red Tiger Powder Coating applied. Rhino® Coated Ends for durability and grip

Tethered Pins

All “T” pins for removable components are tethered with a stainless steel lanyard and split rings.

Berry Compliant Straps

All Junkyard Dog Rescue Strut Straps included with each strut are Berry Compliant, or, Made in the USA, and have a 1300 lb. (WLL) (3335 lb WLL for Heavy Duty Strut) with a 3:1 safety factor. Learn more

The Concept

Tension Buttsress System

Self-contained, lightweight, and easy to use, JYD Rescue Struts work on the “tension buttress” principal for quick and secure deployment. Constructed with a 4-gauge solid wall steel outer tube, inner threaded stainless-steel column, a double ZipNut® adjustment OR stainless steel locking pins, and Simpson ratchet and axle straps, JYD’s Rescue Struts are engineered to effectively accommodate conventional and ultra-modern vehicle construction features. Each rescue strut is powder-coated for an enduring finish and includes a durable accessory pouch containing a variety of accessories.